"In my work I create entities that allude to
the known parameters of function, but are actualized in a realm of


This is Sean one. He is the "Brain" behind the art work.

I am fascinated with the human relationship to doubt and the way we solve problems, how we react to them, or do not react to them. Often I will take lead in the brain storming of making new work, public relations, or deciding how set up or display a certain piece. 


​Since his first day melting glass into a clear marble, Sean Donlon has been drawn to the challenges of glass manipulation. Sean earned his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Craft and Material Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012. He traveled to Lauscha, Germany to study glass eye prosthetics from a third generation glass making family. In addition to receiving multiple research grants, Sean was a recipient of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts fellowship. Sean is currently a full-time artist and the founder of Mule Barn Craft Studios— a collaborative art space, with a conceptual craft focus—in Richmond, Virginia. 

This, too, is Sean, Sean two in fact. He is the workhorse in terms of making.

This Sean took a more roundabout path to his vocation. Originally majoring in Marine Biology, he later realized he loved making with his hands, and changed his course of study .  This Sean is the technical creator, hand laborer, in the making aspects of art works by Sean Donlon.